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Who are we and What do we do?

A small team with big ideas.

This app is a long-time-coming product of our 6-year experience as a creative collective functioning as a digital marketing agency.

During that time we worked with over 100 companies/individuals, in branding, social media campaigns, on strategies and plans, reporting, analyzing the market, and communicating all the results to our clients. 

Each time we took on a new project – we tried our best to optimize the workflow, make everything easy for our clients, and offer the best possible service to every single one of them. 

In those years of experience in the industry, we recognized the potential for a new level of optimization and realized that we want to work towards achieving it. This was the moment we started working on The Social Formula App – the evolution of digital marketing reporting, ideal  for SME’s.

The Social Formula agency is based in Belgrade, Serbia, and a proud member of the Science Technology Park in the capital.

Daša Runić

Founder, Director & Strategist

Nemanja Pavlović

CTO & Co-Founder

Đorđe Jovanović

UX/UI Designer

Leonard Delannoi

Finance specialist

Ognjen Kuvac

Front End Lead Developer

Our Partners