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The Social Formula
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Click and download your monthly digital report.
All in one – your social media platforms and website.

Our AI software/app analyzes all your digital marketing & e-commerce activities, and gives you useful tips on how to improve your online presence.

What is the Secret Formula?

Why choose us instead of any other reporting app?

AI-Generated tips that offer guidance for digital marketing activities

Easy and intuitive access to valuable stats & information

All your social media and website information in one place

How The App Works

Our user-friendly software will tell you.
It will send you AI tips and give you a
sum-up of all you need to know,
all you have to do is:

Download the App

The Social Formula easily integrates with your mobile devices, web browsers, and business applications to help you be more efficient. Download and start using these apps today.

Connect your profiles

With each social profile you connect to The Social Formula, you can manage conversations, plan and publish content as well as view extensive analytics.

Subscribe to the package

Looking to build your own library? Or struggling for storage? We’ve got the options to support you either way. For the long term subscribers we have provided 3 month packages.

Start saving hours of data analysis

Whether you are a data analyst or data scientist, you have heard that professionals spend 80% of their time doing data cleaning and only 20% modeling.

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